Mondays // 4-5 PM // LEEP2 2420

February 4th

Stevin Gehrke, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


February 18th Biophysics of Molecular Motors

Chris Fischer, Ph.D.
Director of Engineering Physics Program

A brief review of the biophysics program within our department, emphasizing recent characterizations of DNA-interacting molecular motors. This includes the nucleosome binding and repositioning activities of the chromatin remodeler ISWI and the identification of the energetically rate-limiting process in nucleosome sliding. In addition to challenging the standard models for DNA damage detection, the results highlight the importance of assay development and applied mathematics in enzymology.


March 4th


March 25th

Richard Barohn, M.D.
Director of Frontiers: University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science Institute

After completing a terminal degree such as a PhD, MD or DO, there are a number of professional career path options. These various options will be briefly explored for both PhDs and MDs/DOs in the biological sciences, advice and tips will then be provided for those with an intention of pursuing a research career at a university.


April 8th

Silviya Zustiak, Ph.D.
St. Louis University

Not Declared


April 15th


April 29th RBC Medical Innovation

Allison McLean
Director of Manufacturing at RBC Medical Innovation, Lenexa, KS