Advising FAQ's 

  • When do I need to choose a faculty advisor?
    •  All graduate students will choose your faculty advisor during your first semester. You will then work with your advisor to develop your plan of study and your research committee.
  • When do I need to develop my plan of study? 
    • All graduate students are required to have an approved plan of study submitted to the Graduate Office by the end of their first semester of graduate studies. If you do not have a plan of study by this time, the program will not release your enrollment hold, which means that you cannot enroll. Work with your faculty advisor to complete a plan of study.
  • What if I want to change something on my plan of study?
    • All graduate students are expected to work with their faculty advisors to keep their plan of study up to date. Minor changes can be easily made using the online plan of study system. A new plan of study is required if you change major or change advisors.
  • Which faculty members qualify to be my faculty advisor?
    • Any faculty member listed as an affiliated faculty member may be your faculty advisor for your MS thesis or for your PhD dissertation.