Director's Welcome

Photo of Sara Wilson; Program Director Welcome to the Bioengineering (BioE) Graduate Program at the University of Kansas. Our goal is to be a national leader in bioengineering research, educational activities, and technology transfer. Therefore, we have designed our program to prepare students to become the next generation of leading researchers, educators and entrepreneurs in their field.

Although our program is relatively new, with the first class entering in the Fall of 2007, you will discover that our faculty and students have been engaged in bioengineering research and education for several decades. Our students work side-by-side with students from a wide range of disciplines. Our program is supported by well-established research laboratories and a wide array of depth and breadth courses.

KU has a tradition of engaging in ground-breaking research. Because of this, our program allows students to select any KU BioE faculty affiliate as a thesis/dissertation advisor. We currently have over 40 BioE faculty affiliates from departments and schools across KU’s main campus and Medical Center campus. We believe that our students are best served by providing them with the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams. We also encourage our students to find research opportunities that best fit their research interests.

KU has an internationally recognized faculty. For example, we enjoy strong ties with our highly ranked Medical School, School of Pharmacy and several KU research centers. We also work closely with KU clinicians and clinical researchers, which has helped increase the translational focus of our research and educational programs.

KU strives for academic excellence. We are committed to the training of outstanding interdisciplinary professionals, who are equipped with skills and a philosophy to provide twenty-first century leadership in bioengineering. Although our program is demanding, you will find that collaboration, amongst students and faculty, is part of the fabric that defines our program.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I encourage you to send us an email or give us a call to learn more about the exciting BioE research and educational opportunities at KU. We look forward to seeing you as a graduate student at KU.

Sara E. Wilson, Ph.D.
Director, Bioengineering Graduate Program
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering