Steps to Graduation for M.S.

1.  Choose a faculty advisor and thesis committee of at least three (3) total members.  All committee members must be members of the KU Graduate Faculty, but students may request to have committee members from outside the university.  See the BIOE defense committee requirements for all guidlines.

(a)  If a proposed member of your committee is not appointed to the KU Graduate Faculty, please contact the BIOE Program Assistant immediately.

2.  Along with your advisor, develop and file your Plan of Study online at  This must be completed after the first semester of study. Your Plan of Study is complete when all information is up-to-date, all fields are entered, and all committee members have signed. (A BIOE tutorial can be found on our website)

3.  Complete all required coursework (core, track requirements, etc) and thesis research.

4. Complete your thesis and submit it to your committee at least two weeks prior to your defense date.

(a) Please remember that you must be enrolled in at least one (1) credit/research hour for the semester that you graduate, unless you meet the early graduation deadline.

5.  File your application for graduation through Enroll & Pay by semester deadline.

Path:  Enroll & Pay > Student Center > Academics (pull down menu) > Apply for Graduation. 

6.  After all degree requirements are met, student requests a final oral exam (defense) date from committee and inform the BIOE Program Assistant at least two (2) weeks prior. At this time, your Plan of Study should already be completed (per step 2). Please do not attempt to set the date for your oral thesis defense until this is done.  You will not be cleared by the BIOE program or the School of Engineering to defend until this is completed.

(a)  When notifying the BIOE PA of your defense, please fill out the Masters Defense Form and include the following information...

1. Title of your thesis

2. Date & time of your defense

3. Location of your defense

4. Committee members and what role they fulfill (chair, outside member, etc.)

(a)  If you need assistance with securing a location, please let the BIOE Program Assistant know.

7.  After you pass your defense, make all necessary changes to your thesis as recommended by your committee.  Committee members must sign the title page and the chair will sign the acceptance page of your thesis.  (Sometimes, committee members will sign after the defense without the changes required.)

(a) Submit one set (wet-signed originals) to Anna Paradis in the School of Engineering

(b) Submit one set (wet-signed or photocopy) to the BIOE Program Assistant

8. Fill Masters Checklist and return to BIOE Program Assistant

Submit your electronic thesis to ProQuest/UMI at: is required

(a) You are welcome to also submit a bound copy to bioengineering, but it is no longer required. A list of preferred book binding vendors can be found at the bottom of 

10. Complete and return KU Scholarworks Electronic Theses and Dissertations Release form.

11. Complete and return the Graduation Report Form.

12. Next, verify with the School of Engineering Research and Graduate Programs (Anna Paradis) that all degree requirements are complete.

13. Congratulations!  You have graduated!